Brenda from Chicago, IL

Computer to complete my radiology degree

I need a computer and printer to do my homework. I work full time and take college classes at night. My son also needs a computer for his schoolwork.


Update from Julie: Oct 5, 2012

Brenda has received her laptop computer- we can't thank you enough! Thanks to Benevolent donors, Brenda and her son have been working away for the last few months on their wonderful laptop computer. As if working full time and being a single mother isn't enough, Brenda is working to get her degree! Because of the laptop, Brenda and her son are able to have access to information and assignments from home. She is working hard so that she can one day be a Radiologic Technician, and based on her 4.0 GPA, we think she's going to be a really good one.

Message from Julie: May 21, 2012

Dear Benevolent Team and Supporters,

I was so excited to get the news that Brenda’s need was supported in full, and that we could start the process of searching for the right computer for her and her son. As we often take for granted, a computer is so much more than the sum of its parts. Without it, connections to people, networks, and opportunities are possible, but infinitely less so. Because of your donations, Brenda and her son have access to knowledge, instant connections to people, and an exponential number of opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. As Brenda is completing her first semester back at school, and her son is finishing up high school and has his sites on college, they will both be able to achieve all that is required for their respective educational paths. Further, an employee of the same company for the last 4 years, Brenda has built up her resume, and thanks to you, will be able to launch a new job search to find a new position with compensation that better matches her skill and education level.

At The Cara Program, our mission is to help people find their paths to real and lasting success. Because of your support, it now looks like more like a jet-way than a walking path.


Julie Garfield

Individual Development Specialist


My goal is to get my degree in radiology so that I can get a better paying job that I will enjoy. I want a computer so that I can be more successful in my classes so that I will be able to graduate. My son would also benefit when he needs to fill out his college applications.

Meeting this need will help me because I wouldn't have to worry about falling behind in my classes as well as my son doing his work for school. I would be able to come home and get on line instead of trying to make it to the library on weekends before they close.

My current situation is that I need a computer to do my homework as well as my son. I am currently in school and most homework is assigned online. I work during the day and take classes @ night and the computer lab at school is closed by the time I get out of school. My son also has homework that he needs Internet access as well as typing up papers.

Right now, my biggest challenge is not being able to do work for school to be able to pass my classes. I'm falling behind due to not being able to have computer access.

This need includes a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, Microsoft Office, and 1 year of antivirus protection.

I am currently working full time at a Bank of America location, and going to school part time. I am a single mother of five in which four I have raised and they are out on their own now. I have one more @ home whom he and I are both striving to get the best possible education we can and graduate to become successful.

I'm taking college level classes as well as sonography classes.

I think of myself mostly as a loving and caring mom/person who has been through some hard times and wants only the best for myself and my family. I believe an education is very important and mine got put on hold to raise my family. I am ready to continue my dreams. I'm most proud of me getting up the courage to go back to school to get my degree. I always challenged my children about staying in school and getting a good education. My children always challenged me back about my education. Now I can say hey, I'm doing it and I'm going to get it.

Something interesting about me is I am dedicated now to living out my dreams. I plan to graduate and work in the field that I've always wanted to. My ultimate goal is to get a computer to help me complete my education to fulfill my class requirements.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Brenda fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Julie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

I’m Julie Garfield from The Cara Program, and I’m an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach. Brenda has been engaged with The Cara Program for four years, and has been employed in her current position since 2008. I started working with her in July, 2010 when she launched her own serious search for a life long career that pushes her out of poverty. Since then, she has made incredible gains, all while being a full-time employee and mother. She is now in school, and like her teenage son, spends her free time studying to advance her education and eventually land the career she wants. Without a working computer, Brenda and her son face serious challenges to completing assignments that depend on access to the internet and updated software. I can attest to her determination, and believe that your investment in a computer will have serious social returns for this family.

About Julie

I'm the Manager of Supportive Services at The Cara Program. I started at Cara as an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach, and I now manage the retention team that makes sure our students don't just get the job, but they stay in it for a full year. I fell in love with… Read more