Stevie from Washington, DC

I'm moving into stable senior housing, but need movers to get my things there!

My goal is to be independent! Because I am blind & use a walker, it's impossible for me to move by myself. I need a small amount of help with movers!


Stevie says, Thank You! Nov 18, 2015

"I am thrilled to be able to move into my new apartment! With the help of Benevolent and the people who donated, I can make my move in day of December 1st a success! Thank you so much for your help." -- Stevie


I am a father, uncle, granduncle and Washington, DC native. After several years of being on senior subsidized housing waitlists, I am finally able to move into my own home.

It is my goal to be independent. I have been effectively homeless ever since losing my family home where I lived for about 31 years. Because I am blind and use a walker, the effort to find subsidized housing has been considerable. I have applied to over 20 subsidized housing units, and have been on the waitlists there for some time.

I need help paying movers to take my furniture out of storage and into my new apartment. I have recently come to the top of the waitlist for a one bedroom apartment, which is very exciting! However, due to my fixed income and physical disabilities, I cannot afford move or afford to pay the movers on my own.

Being able to move into my new apartment would mean the world to me. The stability and independence it would provide would be invaluable; I’ll be much more comfortable and be able to manage my affairs better. My quality of life will be greatly improved and I will be better able to focus on my health and medical needs.

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Validated by Caterina from LIFT-DC (What does this mean?)

I have known Stevie since he started coming to LIFT in January. His dedication to his housing search has an been an incredible thing to witness. He will follow any lead, submit any application, gather any information if it will lead to a chance of him having his own home. Now finally, after countless applications and follow-up calls, he will have his own apartment. Though he will have the four walls and roof over his head, his apartment will not really be his home until he is surrounded by the mementos and furniture from his family’s home. The cost of movers would not only help Stevie’s apartment feel like home, they will also save him the cost of purchasing new furniture.

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