Sandy from Chicago, IL

I'm rebuilding after identity theft & need help moving my furniture from Florida.

I'm committed to building a stable life for my family. I need help covering a portion of my moving costs from Florida to Chicago to help do this.


I am a grandmother who recently fell victim to identity theft. I had a stroke a few years ago, so I am unable to work. My daughter was supporting me, but her son's chronic illness and loss of employment led us to become homeless.

My goals are to have a place for my family to live. We want stability and security, especially for the children. We want to be able to live independently and productively and stay out of homelessness. I'm hoping to start working from home online and for my grandson to have access to his studies. I qualified for a discounted laptop from my internet company, which will help me reach that goal.

I need to get my furniture out of storage in Florida. My son-in-law is able to pick up the furniture when he visits for work, but the cost of renting a truck and paying for gas to get everything back to Chicago is more than we can afford. Buying new furniture is also too expensive.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to stay out of debt. With your help, my family can pitch in the rest of the money to afford a truck or even movers to get our furniture here. Then we will feel settled in to our new home and be able to start our lives again.

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Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Sandy and her family for the last three months. When we first met, they were staying at a homeless shelter in the neighborhood and looking to get out. Now that Sandy has secured an apartment for her family, we are excited for her to move forward in her goals, including helping her grandson with his homework, keeping the family secure and stable, and finding a job that she can do from home so as not to agitate her disability. Sandy is a hardworking survivor as well as warm, caring person who puts family above all else. Helping her meet this need would be incredibly fulfilling for the whole family.

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