Tara from Detroit, MI

Single mom in cancer treatment; Finishing my dental work will bring me needed relief!

Completing my dental work would give me a much-needed break from the stress of my treatment, and help me smile and feel at peace around my children.


Tara says thank you for helping her get the dental work she needed! Jul 20, 2016

Tara's validator Norma with Matrix Human Services has shared with us a message of thanks from Tara:

"I give thanks to you all for the generous donation and support. I can't express enough that with this it has taken a load off of me. I now have time to focus on my children along with other areas in our lives. Therefore I greatly appreciate what you all have done for me and my family. Yours Sincerely, Tara"

Tara thanks you for giving her the courage to move forward! Jul 11, 2016

We've received an exciting update from Norma, Tara's validator with Matrix Human Services. Norma says:

"Tara was excited that I met her at the dentist's office today. She is still continuing her dental work due to the cancer of the mouth. Tara is very thankful to all the people that donated to her. It is giving her the courage to move forward and the strength to take care of her 8 children."


My name is Tara and I am a single mother of eight living in Detroit, Michigan. Since 2010, I have been going through a rough path in my life because I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma; a form of cancer throughout my body. Since being diagnosed, my life has been very overwhelming.

I am the sole provider of my family, and my focus is to care for my children. Therefore, I need to care for myself first to be there for them. My health is important to keep my family together, It has been very difficult for me to focus on my dental health because of all the responsibilities I have with my eight children and my cancer treatments.

I need help to pay for my dental work because a big sum of my income has been going towards transportation costs to get to and from the hospital for my cancer treatments and my children. Therefore, I would like to finish my dental work to relieve one of the many stressors I have in my life.

My children need their mother, and I want to be able to support them in the future. By receiving this help, a part of my life will become easier because I would know that I have support and my dental health would be intact. This help would make it possible for me to keep going and focus on my family.

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This need has been validated by Norma from Matrix Human Services

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Validated by Norma from Matrix Human Services (What does this mean?)

Tera is one of our parents at Matrix Head Start. She volunteers at one of our centers and is being assisted by her Parent Educator Catalina Rios with her medical situation.

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