Sthefany from San Francisco, CA

I am a transgender Latina on the path to becoming a social worker. I just need textbooks to earn my GED!

Books are the most important tools for learning. With these books, I will study hard and graduate!


I am a transgender Latina and I came here 15 years ago. 5 years ago I realized that San Francisco was a political asylum so I moved here from North Carolina. That's when I realized that this was my time to study, and to become a social worker, which would be a personal achievement for me. The first step of this would be to study English. Yo soy una chica transgenero latina que llegue a los EEUU hace 15 años. Hace 5 años, me di cuenta de que san francisco era un asylo político, asi que me mudé aqui de North Carolina. Y en ese momento pensé que era el momento de tener un estudio, hacer un trabajo social que me ayudara en una superación personal para mi. El primer paso iba a ser estudiar el idioma.

My goals are to get my GED, to speak english, and to become a social worker. Mis metas son tener mi diploma de GED, hablar en ingles, y agarrar una carrera de trabajadora social.

I am in my fourth year of an english language program at San Francisco State. I need to buy books for my classes. Estoy en el cuarto grado de la universidad de San Francisco State, estudiando inglés. Mi necesidad es comprar libros para mis clases.

Books are the most important tools for learning. With these books, I will study hard and graduate! I will get my GED, and later my MSW, so that I can break the barriers that stand before my as a transgender woman, by getting an education. Son las herramientas mas importantes para poder aprender. Con estos libros, puedo estudiarlos y graduarme de la universidad. Con sacar mi GED y mas adelante, mi MSW, puedo romper las barreras de muchas de mis necesidades que tengo como chica transgénero, educandome.

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Validated by Beck from El/La Para TransLatinas (What does this mean?)

Sthefany has been a member of El La Para Translatinas for nearly a year now, and joined our Luchadoras program for leadership and employment 2 months ago. She is El/La's Outreach Coordinator! We'd love to support her goals to learn English, get her GED, and become a social worker.

About Beck

El/La is an organization for transgender Latinas (TransLatinas) that works to build collective vision and action to promote our survival and improve our quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because we exist in a world that fears and hates transgender people, women and immigrants, we fight… Read more

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