Saloma from Bronx, NY

I'm in my first apartment after homelessness. A pull-out sofa will help me thrive.

I need a pull-out sleeper sofa so that me and my daughter can get a good night's sleep in our new living space.



I am a single mother with a daughter who is currently in junior high school. I have recently moved into my first apartment after living in a shelter for a few years due to a domestic violence situation.

My goal is to maintain my independence due to my disability, while providing a good home environment for my daughter. I would like to give my daughter the home and family life that I wasn't able to have growing up, so that she could succeed in life.

My need is to have a pull-out sleeper sofa so I can rest comfortably and stop sleeping in the same bed as my daughter so that she can have her own space and privacy.

Meeting this need will help with my disabilities very much so I can have a good night’s rest in my new home, as well as give my daughter the privacy that she needs as a pre-teen.

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This need has been validated by Samuel from Barrier Free Living, Inc.

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Validated by Samuel from Barrier Free Living, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Saloma for about three months now at our supportive housing program in NYC and, as her Social Worker; I have found her to be one of the most driven people that I have had the pleasure to work with. Saloma has lived a hard life, growing up in poverty in New York City, however, Saloma has worked diligently and dutifully to provide for her family with the tools needed to succeed. Saloma not only strives to help her family but her community as well. Her drive to help others is shown in her service to her community by volunteering at local pantries and soup kitchens, in an effort to give back to those struggling with similar issues that she had faced while growing up.

About Samuel

I am a Social Worker in NYC, working with single-parent families and survivors of domestic violence. At our supportive housing program, we help connect our tenants to various mental health and vocational services, as well as, offer groups and individual counseling to help assist our tenants to… Read more