Chaeyanne from Chicago, IL

Single mom working part time. With welding safety gear I can take a job that will really support us.

Right now, I work part time, but once I'm certified, I'll get a full time job to provide for my family and be stable. First, I need welding gear.


My goal is to continue my welding training and be able to get certified as a welder. By getting these expensive tools and gear, I will be able to be on top of my game and overcome major obstacles when applying to full time jobs in the welding industry. This includes welding jacket, welding gloves, welding pliers, steel toed boots, welding sleeves, welding apron, safety glasses, and welding helmet.

Meeting this need will help me because it would mean that I would be able to give my all and then some. I believe that this is something that will change my life and help me to live comfortably and happily.

My current situation is I'm a single parent working a part time job and I am attending school to work on building a career in the welding industry so I can provide for my family and have financial stability. Right now, my biggest challenge is since I am only working part time the toughest thing I have to deal with deciding on keeping our basic needs met or trying to pay the bills so we can keep a roof over our head. It is difficult to maintain a household with such a small income.

I think of myself mostly as a person who works hard and is dedicated to completing goals and projects. I love to see things through even when it is not something simple. I'm most proud of being a mother. I have learned a lot since I have become a parent. You learn to appreciate things more.

I've worked at jobs as a recreational leader, receptionist, laborer, and server. Something interesting about me is I love being around people and I love earning an honest living.

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Chaeyanne has an incredibly positive attitude and this has helped her through some rough times in her life. She is determined to finish this rigorous welding program with all of her credentials and certifications! I know she can do it!

I have known Chaeyanne since March 2013 when she enrolled in the Women in Manufacturing Welding Program at Jane Addams Resource Corporation.

I think meeting this need is important because Chaeyanne is determined to stop working part time and get into the lucrative and challenging career of welding and manufacturing. She is currently a single parent trying to pay all of the bills on a part time income.

This will move the recipient's life forward by giving Chaeyanne the means to provide for her family. Chaeyanne is ready to change her life, her career and is not afraid of a challenge! She is one determined woman!

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