Mariah from Brooklyn, New York

I'm a single mom working hard to apply for college. A laptop will help me get there.

It's very hard to be successful in school without a computer. With a laptop, I can pursue a career in education and support my son.


I am a hardworking single mother with lots of goals and ambitions. I currently am in the process of applying for college. It is important for me to have my son see me working and in school to set a good example for him.

My goals are to get my four year degree, work, and save up to move into my own house. I want to start putting down a foundation for a better life for my son.

I need a laptop so that I can apply for college and use for my college courses. It is really hard to be successful in school without a computer. This need is really important, as I need a computer in order to type papers, study, etc.

Meeting this need will help me because having a college degree will help me pursue my career in the Department of Education. With a college degree, I will have more opportunities for employment and to achieve my dreams.

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This need has been validated by Dana from The Women's Project

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Validated by Dana from The Women's Project (What does this mean?)

Mariah has been a participant at The Women's Project for quite some time. She is a very determined and hardworking woman, always striving to be able to provide her son with a better life. It would mean the world to hear to receive her degree in education, as she would like to work for the Department of Education. Having a laptop is essential in order to be fully prepared for school. It would mean the world to Mariah to have this need fulfilled.

About Dana

I am a social worker at The Women's Project, and have been for about a year now. I love working with our participants and helping them along their journey.