Sam from Freetown, Sierra Leone

I'm providing for my family with a small shop. With help I can expand!

My shop is well located but small. If I can expand my inventory, I can start earning more for myself and my family.


I am a husband, father, and hard-working small business owner whose family is currently living in poverty. My small business shop is my family's only income, and I'm struggling to provide for them.

I want to expand my business by selling more items from my small shop. By improving or increasing my business I will be able to earn more to better provide for my family. My shop is well located. There is a steady demand for the grocery and miscellaneous items that I am selling.

I need help with increasing my business inventory/purchasing more items. I'm confident that with a larger inventory, I will sell more items. Selling more items will result in an increase in total profit.

Meeting this need will help me to increase my income enough to pull my family out of poverty. We will then have the option to move to a better home in a safer neighborhood, closer to schools so my family can thrive.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

Sam is the hard-working father of two of the kids that Develop Africa is supporting educationally. Helping Sam will help raise the standard of living of his family. This will help ensure a better future for him and his family

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