Gregory from Chicago, IL

I'm a poet and I need funds for a computer so I can publish my work & support myself

I'm proud to be 3 years clean and ready to sustain myself through my art, tell my story, & touch lives. A computer will help me publish my work!


Gregory sends his thanks! Mar 4, 2014

I am so blessed and humbled by this news. Thank you all so much for your contributions! I'm on my way to purchasing a new laptop and I'll have my book published very soon! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


I need funds to print and self publish a chapbook of poetry and start a website to help promote and sell that book. This includes a laptop computer with desktop publishing software like Adobe, as well as website hosting from a company such as Go Daddy.

Performing poetry is as much as my therapy as it is my means to earn a living. I'm trying to print and self publish this book of poetry along with launching a website so that I can continue to share my story with people that need to hear it as well as keep food in my belly and a roof over my head. Writing and performing poetry has been the only way I've kept my head above water. I am so thankful for the blessing of this God given talent. Unfortunately, despite all of the open mics and features I perform in, awards I win (currently 2013 Lethal Poetry Grand Slam Champion and 2013 Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award Semi-Finalist), I don't make enough money to support myself. This is why I need funds to print a chapbook of my poetry and begin a website that I can sell my books through. It is really the only way spoken word artists/poets make money through their art. This way, when I perform at yet another open mic that would normally yield nothing financially, I'll have a product that I can sell to the people who appreciate my work, the people who want to take the poetry of my struggle home with them. The cost of hosting a website monthly would only perpetuate this idea further. I've been through so much, I'm convinced my life is a poem. I'm currently writing the "comeback" part of that poem. I would be ever so grateful if you could find it in your hearts to help make that dream a reality. Meeting this need will help me because it will further the idea of "anything is possible". Four years ago, everybody had given up on me, I had given up on myself. But now, I type this with a fresh outlook on life. I know that my purpose on this earth is to be an example of how to come back from the brink of devastation. It will mean that I will finally be able to sustain myself through my art and that means that there will be more chances that my story will help to change the lives of others. My goal is to use the talent that God gave me to save somebody's life. Poetry has saved my life. After I read a poem at an event once, somebody actually said to me "that poem you read changed my life". If I was able to start self publishing books and selling them through the Internet through my own website, the amount of people I could reach could be doubled.

My current situation is that I have absolutely no income and poetry, both writing and performing, has been my sole means of survival. I recently lost my job and was denied unemployment benefits. Being a recovering addict compounds to the stress of being in such an abject financial situation because I have to take every day one day at a time. Those days are becoming increasingly more difficult not knowing if I'll be able to pay rent on time or be able to make it to an open mic.

I'm from Chicago, IL and I live in an assisted living unit run by Mercy Housing. I'm most proud of being clean. I'm a recovering heroin addict and December 2, 2013 will make 3 years!!! Something interesting about me is that I am a poet and spoken word artist. I'm happiest when I'm on stage performing poetry, knowing that my words touch someone in the audience. I've come this far by faith and I won't let anything stop me. I know that God has a plan and that it involves mysterious ways. I know there is somebody that's going through exactly what I was going through four years ago right this very minute and perhaps I might write something that will change their life. MY life is shining proof, a solid example that change CAN come. John S. Blake is a well respected author, poet, and educator today. Some years ago he was the worst of junkies. His life was changed when he heard poet Marty McConnell say "Don't let this universe regret you". There is power in words.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Kimberly from Mercy Housing Lakefront (What does this mean?)

We met when Gregory became my client 7 months ago. He needed assistance finding employment.

I think meeting this need is important because Gregory is immensely talented and I believe he could be extremely successful with his career. Gregory is a renowned poet and has performed all over the city. We are very proud of his accomplishments and want to support him in this effort.

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My current job title is Resident Services Coordinator and that involves assisting clients with employment opportunities and overall self-sufficiency. What I like about my job is making a difference in the lives of others and helping them to aspire to their greater good.