Maria from East SF Bay, CA

My child is the 1st in our family to go to college. She needs a computer to succeed.

We are a hard-working family, but have been unprepared to financially support our child in school. Her success will mean so much.


My current situation is that my husband and I are currently employed full-time. Time sprung on us and did not prepare ourselves for the expenses that my daughter will have to attend a university. We learned how expensive it will be and are trying to find ways to manage what we earn to be able to help her.

I need help with buying my daughter a tablet computer for her studies. This includes the tablet that will make it easier for my daughter to complete her studies and make it a bit cheaper to purchase books for the courses she will be taking. Meeting this need will help me because it will not delay her getting her books for her courses. These books are essential for her studies and will make it more economical to purchase.

My goal is to see my daughter graduate from the university with her bachelor's degree. This will not only benefit her, but our family, as she will be an example to her younger brother and to the rest of the family. Seeing that both of my children can have the opportunity to further their education makes me proud. They are going to be able to do something I was not given the opportunity to do. Seeing their motivation to further their education has motivated me to enroll in a computer course so that I can help them. This will open more doors in my job as well.

I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico, and I live in Concord, CA. Something interesting about me is that I am taking computer courses to help my children with their education. I'm happiest when I spend time with my family. I'm most proud of my daughter, who just got accepted to a university and will the first in our family to attend a four year school. I have two children, a boy who is in the 6th grade, and a girl who is just about to graduate from high school. Our family is very close, my son is a boxer and my daughter is a hard-working student who is looking to be the first in our family to not only graduate from high school, but also be the first to attend a four-year school to receive her bachelor's degree. We are all a hardworking family. As a family we very involved in our local church, where we want to teach our children about our faith and the importance of giving.

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This need has been validated by Andrea from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Validated by Andrea from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership (What does this mean?)

We met when Maria and her daughter came to our first orientation for our high school tutoring program two years ago. I think meeting this need is important because it will make the cost for school more affordable and provide the tools she needs to succeed in school. Maria has always looked for the best interest of her daughter and family. She is heavily involved not only in our program and school, she is very attentive to her family's need and is always looking on how to better herself to help her family. Maria has enrolled in computer classes that we offer as well in our center to be able to help her children with their homework and hopes she can gain a better position in her current job.

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My job title is Civic Engagement and Youth Tutoring Program Coordinator. My work involves connecting the residents to resources and programs where they wish to be more involved. I also coordinate our high school tutoring Program, Go Get It! It's your future! What I like about my job is the direct… Read more