Ann from Detroit, MI

I was an active mom until car was vandalized. Repairs will get my family moving again.

I need car repairs after the catalytic converter and exhaust system were stolen. This will allow me to better respond to the demands of my family.


My goal is to keep my job and provide for my family but my income doesn't allow me to pay for the car repairs at this time. Getting my car fixed will allow me to get back on track with caring for my family's needs and will provide me with a better piece of mind on a daily basis.

I have a son that is hearing impaired and have worked hard to provide for his needs. Ensuring that he stays engaged in his current activities has also been difficult due to my lack of access to a car.

My catalytic converter and exhaust system were stolen from my car. As a result, I can't drive it. This has created great hassle in my life because I have a job and a family to provide for. Without reliable transportation I've had to carpool with friends and family, making it difficult to get places when emergencies occur or last minute errands need to be done.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to quickly respond to my children's needs if something was to happen. It will also allow me to get to them to school, their after school activities and myself to work.

I'm from Chicago but live in Detroit. I have four children and am most proud of them and their aspirations. They are a great blessing to my life. My oldest wants to be a lawyer. My second oldest wants to be a computer engineer and my third oldest wants to be a fireman. 

In the past I've managed four different chain restaurants in four cities and two states.

I have worked in the community for years and am happiest when I'm able to advocate for my community and improve services for all residents. 

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Lisa from Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW)

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Validated by Lisa from Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW) (What does this mean?)

We met when a mutual friend of ours had a birthday party in 2010. Beverly was her caregiver at that time. Our friend was also a board member of Warriors on Wheels before she passed away. Since the passing of our dear friend, Beverly has continued to support WOW on a volunteer basis.

I think meeting this need is important because in order for Beverly to function in an orderly manner, it is imperative that she have a vehicle that is mechanically sound. She will be able to work, get her children to and from school, transport to doctors appointments and run her household.

Beverly is a very compassionate person with a heart to help others. She is a single mom raising her four children; one of whom is a special needs child. So let's help Beverly meet her goal so that her car, that was vandalized by predators, can be repaired.

About Lisa

As founder and president of Warriors on Wheels, my motivation comes from the membership and community to whom I serve. As president I am responsible for setting agenda's for monthly meetings, connecting members with resources and the financial welfare of the organization. I am pleased to be a… Read more