Dee from Berkeley, CA

I am homeless, and need warm clothes and food to survive until my benefits are approved

I have applied for SSI & GA benefits, but have no income until they come in. Surviving on the street will be easier with warm clothes and decent food.


I need some clothing and a gift card to the local Safeway grocery store.

My goal is to is to try to survive in the street until I get approved for my Social Security Income benefits. I just want to be able to get some assistance for food & clothing until I get approved to survive with the benefits I am applying for.

My current situation is that I am homeless in Berkeley, CA. I have been homeless for the past two years with no income. I am currently applying for Social Security Income and GA benefits. However, things are very tough because in the mean time, I have no money for food & clothing. I go to the Berkeley Food & housing Project Multi-Service Center daily for assistance for many services.

Meeting this need will help me because I will not have to starve in the freezing cold in the streets because I do not have the adequate food & clothing. It will mean the world to me being able to go into the store and buying food that I want to eat and not only what is given to me on the streets. My life would be less of a struggle this this assistance even though it's only for basic living items.

In the winter time, and even spring nights, it's the worst of all being in the street. I am working the best I can to survive and connect with agencies that can help to assist me in any kind of way possible.

I'm from originally from Michigan, but I moved to California in 1986. I currently live alone, homeless in Berkeley, CA. Something interesting about me is that I love to ballroom dance. I'm happiest when it is warm and sunny outside. I'm most proud of myself persevering on the streets.

I have two daughters who I am proud of for completing school, and that they are able to take care of their own families.

I am struggling now to survive, but I care for many people in my life and especially those who have helped to along the way.

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This need has been validated by Feuy from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Feuy from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when Dee came into the Multi-Service center asking for assistance a couple of years ago. She became homeless and had nowhere to go. She was looking for shelter to stay in.

I think meeting this need is important because Dee is struggling in the streets alone and has no money for food & clothing. This financial assistance will help her to feel more at ease and not having to worry about where she for to get her next meal or if she has to freeze in the cold.

Dee is a very passionate and quiet person. Although she is very much struggling, she has a hard time asking for particular assistance. She is afraid to to ask for help because she feels ashamed and embarrassed to live in this condition.

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My job title is Case Manager II. My work involves assisting my clients of learning how to manage their money received from Social Security. I help with keeping clients to remain stably housed and make sure they have all the resources that may need to become more self sufficient. What I like about… Read more