Lan's from San Jose, CA

I'm disabled from torture & need a computer for family communication & education

I was tortured in my native Sierra Leone leading to my disability. Now my daughter is in college; a computer will help her studies & we can call home.


Thank you from Lan's family Jun 17, 2014

Lan's and his family have sent a card through AACI to express their gratitude for the laptop computer. "Thank you... for the help you have rendered towards my education. I will put that into very good use."


My current situation is that I am not working because I am disabled and waiting for SSDI benefits. I have worked all my life before this - even two jobs. But my doctor won't let me work now. With only my wife working, we can only pay rent and not much more.

I need a laptop to share with my daughter, who is in college. Meeting this need will help because it will be a great achievement for me and my daughter. It will help with whatever I decide to pursue in my life. We will also be able to connect with my mother in Sierra Leone through Skype. Calls otherwise are too expensive. My mother is terminally ill, and it will be good to see and speak with her.

My goal is to complete the program with AACI. They have helped me already with many resources. With the computer, my daughter will be able to finish college, we'll all be able to connect to family back home, and I will be able to take online courses.

I'm from Sierra Leone, and I now live in San Jose, CA. Something interesting about me is I was working for the Government in Sierra Leone. During 1997 coup d'etat I was shot seven times, in my back and my knee. In January 1999, I was captured and tortured for 14 days. I have been disabled since then. I arrived in the U.S. in 2000. I was working two jobs, but my disability has gotten worse, and I cannot work right now. I am applying for SSDI benefits. I'm happiest when all my problems are solved. I am also happy that my children and I are safe here in America. I'm most proud of my five children, my family. My children are in school, one is in college. My wife went through a lot with me, but completed her nursing training, and she is now looking for a job now as an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse).

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This need has been validated by Mladenka from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Validated by Mladenka from Asian Americans for Community Involvement (What does this mean?)

We met when in 2013. Lan's was referred for assistance as a severely tortured survivor. I think meeting this need is important to improve Lan's' social life, pursuing education for self and his full time student daughter. For Lan's this is also the way to communicate with family way back in his homeland. Lan's has great children, all of them great students. His wife achieved LVN degree, despite torturing in native country.

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