Toni from Chicago, IL

I'm aiming for college & for a promotion at work. A computer will get me there!

Getting back on my feet after homelessness! I just moved into my own place & made 90 days on the job. A computer will help me improve my tech skills.


I need a computer & printer to get technologically savvy! This includes a basic desktop outfitted with word processing programs and a printer.

My goal is to move up from a customer service to a project management position at the company I work for. Meeting this need will help me because I know that advancing my technology skills is at the base of advancing my career prospects. I want to move higher in my company, and the only thing standing in the way is time and skills. I'm determined to stick in there, so please help with the skill part if you can.

My current situation is I just moved into my first apartment after a year and a half in a crowded city shelter. I just made 90 days on the job in February and have put all my savings towards outfitting my home with basic necessities. It'd be a great addition to also have a computer to continue to improve my computer literacy (and advance my job opportunities/promotion opportunities in the future) and connect with my family and friends.

I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm most proud of the fact that I have weathered the storms of life and persisted. I'm happiest when I'm being myself. Something interesting about me is I like to bellydance.

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Validated by Julie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

We met when Toni began The Cara Program in August of 2013. She was an enthusiastic participant in the program and enjoyed taking on any challenge that came her way. By the end of the year she had a job and last month called me excitedly to let me know she was approved for an apartment in a partially-subsidized unit that allowed her to open a savings account. In the meantime, Toni has spent the money she has on furnishing her home and is now working on saving for a vehicle. A computer is the only thing she doesn't have room for, but would benefit her greatly to prepare her to continue to advance her career and take on community college next year! I think meeting this need is important because it will allow Toni to continue moving upward and onward in her success.

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I'm the Manager of Supportive Services at The Cara Program. I started at Cara as an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach, and I now manage the retention team that makes sure our students don't just get the job, but they stay in it for a full year. I fell in love with… Read more