Jordi from Detroit, MI

My husband's support is crucial to our family. He needs citizenship application fees

Covering the costs of the US citizenship application & filing fees will ensure my husband remains with his family and finds a steadier job.


My name is Jordi and I am speaking on behalf of my husband who is a hardworking father and man. We have been married for 15 years and have lived in our local community for almost 20 years. Currently my husband works construction jobs to support me and our four young children.

His goals are to continue to provide and support our family with hopes that becoming a US citizen will allow him to find more steady and reliable employment with good benefits for our family.

He needs funding to cover the costs of the United States Citizenship application. This includes the filing and biometrics fee.

Meeting this need will help our family because we will not longer have to worry about him being deported. My husband would have full rights, including the right to vote, which is very important to him. He will also be able to seek employment that will increase his income.

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Need funded!

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Mr. Blackmon


Validated by Mr. Blackmon from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I have known Jordi and her husband for the past year through their active involvement at Congress of Communities, a partner of Black Family Development. Both Jordi and her husband regularly attend parent meetings and have taken personal interest and initiative in helping to eradicate the blight in our community in order to make the neighborhood safer for not only their own, but also the other children in the community. Although Jordi's husband is currently employed, the nature of work and his citizenship status do not guarantee steady work with good benefits for his family. As much as he is an active and dedicated member of the community, it would be great to see him receive this help so that he may fully become a part of the community that he loves.

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My job title is Promise Neighborhoods Community Liaison. I have been in this position since February 6, 2012. My work involves connecting families and students to community resources; canvassing target areas and engaging residents in the Promise Neighborhoods Detroit program; and leading violence… Read more