Michael from Chicago, IL

Tuition for barber's school will let me open my own small business

I've overcome a lot in my life; today, I work in as a barber. I'd like to open my own shop, but I need to finish school and get a license first.


My name is Michael and I’m a 39 year old barber, husband and father. I grew up on the west side of Chicago and although I’m alive and well with a family, my life hasn’t always been an easy one. At a young age, I found myself in the streets making bad life decisions and have had to face consequences for the decisions I’ve made. I’ve ended up with a drug felony conviction and spent time in prison and on parole. Although I’ve successfully paid my debt to society and have stayed out of trouble, the felony still haunts my background, making my struggles even tougher.

A year ago, my wife and I decided it was time for me to follow my dreams of becoming a barber and owning my own business. I’m currently working in a barber shop and I give back once a week by volunteering my time and skill to help those less fortunate at Above and Beyond. I’m helping others feel better about themselves and to possibly move forward in their own lives.

There’s one obstacle in the way of achieving my dream and that is obtaining my barber’s license. I started going to a barber school a year ago and had to stop attending because I couldn’t pay tuition. Having my barber’s license is very important to me because it helps me achieve a goal and shows my family that even though I have made bad decisions before, I can overcome that and be a successful entrepreneur.

Meeting this need will help me go back to barber school and finish the program to obtain my license. I’m asking for funding so I can have my barber’s license and continue living out my dream while helping others find their own.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Amiel from Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center

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Validated by Amiel from Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center (What does this mean?)

I have known Michael since his first time admitting himself into our outpatient treatment service. I facilitated groups that he would attend and he completed his program successfully. I am the Director of Volunteer Programs and Michael has been an essential volunteer. He offers FREE barber services to our clients on Tuesdays. Our clients appreciate this services because it gives them a change to make a great first impression at a job interview, walk the neighborhood with confidence, and make them feel as valuable! Michael is welcoming to our clients, he makes them laugh and comfortable. We are appreciative of his selfless act.

About Amiel

My job title is Director of Volunteer Programs and Senior Counselor. My work involves recruiting, processing, and matching the skills, experience, and expectation of volunteers to positions at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center. My goal is to encourage people to believe in their skills and… Read more

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