Ashley from Chicago, IL

New apartment for my daughter and me; I need a bed + household items to make it a home.

My goal's to get my Associate's in Child Psychology. Furniture'll help me and my daughter live more comfortably in our new place as I go to school.


Benevolent just received an update on Ashley! Jan 27, 2014

Kenneth, Ashley's validator, sent us the following update:

This is an update regarding the donation collected by Benevolent for Ashley, who is a single mother of one daughter. Because of the generosity of the donors, Ashley and her daughter are able to live comfortably in their new apartment and Ashley can now focus on other important issues such as completing her goal to obtain a degree in college. It is events like these that remind us that despite how bad we may believe times have become, there are people who still have compassion. Thank you


I need household items and furniture to furnish and clean my new apartment. This includes a mattress, preferrably queen sized, if possible, blinds for the windows, a dresser to store clothing, household items such as silverware, a blender, a toaster and other miscellaneous items such as dishwashing liquid, bath tissue, laundry detergent, etc.

Meeting this need will help me because my daughter and I will be able to live more comfortably and I will be able to focus more on getting myself prepared to enroll into college and increase my chances of gaining employment.

My goal is to obtain an Associate Degree in Child Pyschology and that takes a great deal of concentration which can only be achieved with a low level of stress.

My current situation is that I am currently unemployed and unable to obtain these items on my own. I am only trying to provide a comfortable environment for my daughter and I.


* You may have noticed that Ashley's "Needed By" date has changed. In the spirit of the holiday season, Benevolent has extended all December dates through the first of the year.

I'm from Chicago, Ill. I am working on becoming a student at Harold Washington College in the spring. I would like to major in Child Psychology. I like to help people, especially children. I love to help people, even when I can't always help myself. I'm very caring and giving, and love to make people smile. I'm a great mom to my daughter although we don't have a lot of money. I make sure that she's very well rounded. We go to free museums, downtown, we read together, and she even helps me cook from time to time. She's really all I've got and I just want to make her proud of me and give her the life she so much deserves.

I live with my daughter who just turned 7 years old recently. She is the apple of my eye, she's the reason why I try my best and work hard to give her everything she needs. This is the first time that we are living on our own and just need a little help to get things started. I will be entering Harold Washington in the spring and would like to have everythiing I need so that I can put all my focus on my school work and my daughter. I'm a loving parent who always puts the needs of my child first before my own. She's one of the reasons that I'm writing to you today, because I've realized that it's much harder to start from the bottom alone and with no help.

I'm happiest when my daughter has everything she needs. I'm most proud of taking that step of living and raising my child on my own.

Something interesting about me is I love to cook, write short stories, and read books.

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This need has been validated by Kenneth from Heartland Alliance

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Validated by Kenneth from Heartland Alliance (What does this mean?)

Ashley and I met when I was assigned as her Employment Case Manager approximately 3 months ago. I see her at least twice a week while providing her with job leads and other short term needs such as bus fare to attend job training programs.

I think meeting this need is important because Ashley appears sincere in her efforts to improve her stage in life and she realizes that can be successfully done with more education. She also has a sense of altruism since she has chosen a field dealing with our youth.

Ashley dispels the stereotype of young black women residing in the urban part of Chicago. She actually desires much better and has a genuine love for her child and wants to provide a safe and serene environment for them both.

About Kenneth

My job title is Senior Employment Case Manager. My work involves helping families receiving subsidized housing gain self sufficiency through gaining employment, futhering their education, and ensuring they are focused on their strengths and not their weakness. What I like about my job is… Read more