Nikia from Detroit, MI

Working & in school. A laptop will help me manage my assignments when not on campus.

Accessing computers on campus and at the library is difficult because the hours of availability are not always convenient with my work schedule.


A thank you message from Nikia! Oct 6, 2014

She says, "I am so honored that the Benevolent family picked me to bless. By filling my need in helping me to get a computer, I can now complete assignments on time and don't have to catch the bus home in the dark. By my need being filled, it has encouraged me even more to finish school! I am very happy that the Benevolent family has so much love in their hearts to be a blessing to me and others."


I'm a 39-year-old lunch aide. I've worked part-time at a local charter school for about 8 years. I am also a college student at Wayne County Community College. I enjoy helping others in whatever way that I can. I am a person with a loving and serving heart.

My goals are to find better employment and to one day start my own cleaning service. I have a group of people whose homes I already clean. I know education is key to moving my dreams forward.

I need a laptop so I can do research and complete homework assignments for my classes outside of campus. Currently I have no laptop and have to work extra hard to get assignments done when I am on campus and have access to a computer. Doing work on campus and at other locations with computers is difficult because the hours of operation are not always convenient for me.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to finish assignments at home. Currently I do not have a car so in order to complete assignments I have to stay at school late and catch the bus home in the dark or catch the bus to the library. I could also increase my course load if I had a laptop because I would be able to take online courses along with on-campus classes and could possibly speed up my time to fulfill my degree requirements. I will also be able to fill out job applications online as many jobs now require online applications only.

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Validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have known Ke Ke for over twenty years and she is a wonderful person. She is a faithful member of the church my husband and I pastor. She serves in our church as the leader of a ministry we call the Love Squad which meets the needs of those who are visiting our church for the first time so she and her team our literally the face of our ministry. She is very pleasant and personable and has an extreme heart for service. KeKe followed my example and decided to give college a try almost a decade after high school graduation. She has been working on her Associate's degree very steadily part-time even without her laptop but could do so even more efficiently and could register for classes with more ease if she had a computer of her own. She is dedicated to finishing and I know that her own personal laptop would definitely keep her motivated to do so.

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