Monique from Chicago, IL

School clothes and supplies for my children

I need basic school supplies and uniforms. My son has already grown out of his uniform. I want my children to get the best education they can get.


Monique's update: May 1, 2012

I got the supplies and clothes for my kids. I'm very thankful.

Monique's statement on receiving the funds: Feb 24, 2012

Thank you so much for your support and contributions. I'm greatly appreciated with the funding that was giving to me for my children. I'm sure my kids are just as happy as I am. You guys are the best. : )


I would like my children to get a good education.  Right now I don't have enough money to buy my son a new school uniform that fits because he already grew out of the one we bought in August.  I also need to buy basic school supplies like paper, pencils and things he needs to do his homework.  If I could get these funds from Benevolent I would immediately go out and buy school supplies and new uniforms, and I know it would help my children's education.  This would move me forward because I can be relieved of the burden of guilt of not being able to purchase these items that are needed for my children to obtain a good education. 

I am a single parent that works a part-time job.  I have three children and I have not been able to keep up with all the expenses related to their education.  Right now I just don't see any other way out of this.

I am a single mother of three young children.  I work in retail part-time.  I would like to be an elementary school teacher.  I am currently attending college.

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Validated by Tasha from Claretian (What does this mean?)

I have known Monique for just about 2 years. She is a single parent of 3, striving to become self-sufficient. She is looking for assistance to help her children succeed in school. Monique, as a parent, is going back to school herself to inspire her children to do better. She wants to be a living inspiration for her children and serve as a great role model. She is looking for assistance for school uniforms, shoes and boots for her children. Monique is sincere and would never have come to participate in this program if she weren’t really in need because she is a very prideful person. She is definitely very sincere about her request. It would be wonderful if folks could help meet her need to further her children’s education.

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