Cherita from Bronx, NY

I've overcome domestic violence. Laptops will let me stay in touch with my college-bound daughter!

My relationship with my daughter is so important for my mental health. A laptop for each of us will let me see her face as she goes off to college!


Cherita is grateful to everyone who got her here! Mar 10, 2017

Cherita wanted to let all of you folks who gave know how happy she is with her new laptop. Cherita says:

"I am so grateful and so humbled by the kindness that Benevolent has shown me. If it were not for Benevolent I would not have known where to turn to. I would not be in the position where I am now, with my daughter becoming familiar with my new laptop computer. Things are looking up.

I would like to say thank you very much to my social worker David Kwon. He has given me great guidance since I moved here, and has been there for me when things got unhinged."


I'm a 56-year-old woman that has overcome the trauma of homelessness, domestic violence, and drug addiction. I live with mental illness everyday so I try to make every day count. One of my main focuses is to maintain a good relationship with my daughter who is currently getting ready to graduate high school and go into college for fashion design.

My goals are to go to culinary arts school and to be a mentor to young people before they fall through the cracks of society as I once did. I hope that with your support and help, I can achieve my career goals and can help my daughter achieve her goals and be the best that she can be. I want to be there to support her wherever she goes.

I'm asking for help to obtain two laptop computers, which will allow me to communicate with my daughter through Skype while she's in college so we can continue to grow our relationship. My daughter lives in New Hampshire. Being that she lives so far away from me, I still want to be able to be able to see her face and talk to her, and be a good mother to her. I will also use the laptop to further my education and career goals.

I'm proud of my faith to make it this far. I now have an apartment of my own, and I have help from my social worker and from the classes I attend at Harlem Bay PROS Network. With your support, I hope to stay connected better to my daughter and be prepared for culinary school. Thank you.

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This need has been validated by David from Barrier Free Living, Inc.

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Validated by David from Barrier Free Living, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have known Cherita for almost a year now as her social worker. In providing counseling and case management services to her, I can attest to Cherita's love and concern for her daughter. I often see her engaging in friendly, and animated chats with other tenants in the community. With a laptop computer, she'll be better connected to her daughter, and be one step closer to accomplishing her goal to be working in culinary arts. I am grateful she can share her need here on Benevolent, and I hope you can be the one to help her with this need. Thank you!

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Barrier Free Living Apartments is home to 70 individuals and 50 single-parent households with children who have survived chronic homelessness, disability, and trauma. My role here is as a Social Worker, providing support/advocacy primarily to a caseload of 17 tenants. I collaborate with a team of… Read more