Paul from Chicago, IL

Transitioning out of homelessness. With a Commercial Driver's License can land a job!

Being able to pay the fee for my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Certification will help me gain employment as a cross-country truck driver.


Paul got a place! Feb 20, 2017

We've got some wonderful news from Sophie, Paul's validator at Inspiration Corporation. Sophie says:

"Paul and everyone at Inspiration Corporation are excited to let you know that Paul now has his own place! With your help, Paul has been able to turn his apartment into a home. As Paul gets settled into his new place, he is quickly making strides on landing himself a job. Thank you so much to all who made this possible through your generous support!"


After being without a home and staying in transitional housing, I am grateful that recently I have been housed in my own apartment. Although I have had some support from those in my life, I am still in need of a few household items to live comfortably in this new space.

I am currently focused on completing my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Certification training in order to gain employment as a cross-country truck driver. My plan is to save up money for the next few years and then go into pursuing my ultimate goal of rehabilitating my neighborhood.

In 1996, when I moved to Englewood, Chicago, it was a functional community. Now, twenty years later, there are plenty of vacant lots and houses. My dream is to go into real-estate and contracting to rehab these lots and houses and sell them at their true value.

With these goals always at the back of my mind, I am asking for assistance in obtaining household appliances such as a microwave and other cooking and cleaning supplies. By meeting this need, I will be able to utilize my new apartment while continuing to focus my energy on my schooling and acquiring my CDL. If you are willing to make a donation, I will more than graciously accept it. Thank you for any and all of your support as I work towards these goals.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Sophie from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Paul originally became involved with Inspiration Corporation through the Employment Preparation Training; a 4-week job readiness workshop. When I met Paul for the first time, it was obvious that he was focused on his goals and motivated to put in the work to complete them. Through his excited explanations and passion for what he does, he has taught me so much about truck driving and CDL. I always look forward to our meetings because I know they will be productive as well as embellished with many good-natured jokes. With all the hard work Paul has been putting into making changes in his life, it is so exciting to see him obtain an apartment. I cannot wait to see the future success that he will have with his new found stability.

About Sophie

Hi, I am the Resource Specialist here at Inspiration Corporation. My work involves assisting our participants in finding resources that will aid them in their job search and pursuit of personal goals. I help participants access resources such as glasses, professional attire for job interviews,… Read more