Skylee from Inkster, MI

I'm an ambitious mother of two and I need a laptop to pursue my dream of working with children

My dream is to work with young kids & I need a laptop so I can improve my computer skills for college classes. Computer competency is a crucial step.


I need a laptop computer so that I can improve my computer skills before taking college classes. This includes a laptop and a carrying case.

Meeting this need will help me because I want to go to college and be successful. I just feel that college is intimidating enough without having to struggle with learning how to be competent on a computer. It's important that I gain computer skills first.

My goal is to eventually work full-time with young children, ages 0 to 5. I have had the opportunity to volunteer in Head Start classrooms and absolutely loved it! It is a real joy to see the children learn and grow. I can one day lead a classroom but to do this I need to first obtain an Associate's Degree - a basic requirement.

I have had some fairly good jobs in the past, and I've been promoted to supervisor on occasion. So I know that once I have an education, nothing can stop me!

My current situation is that I do not have a computer or Internet connection at home right now. Since my goal is to enroll in and start attending a community college in winter 2014, I need a laptop so that I can improve my computer skills to be ready for the classes. I feel that if I start school without more computer skills, I may jeopardize my chance for success. I have access to a computer tutor and online sites that I can use to practice. I will be able to purchase an Internet connection as soon as I acquire the laptop.

I want people to know that I have been able to overcome negative influences in my life. I'm not sure how I found the strength and insight to do it, but I did. I want to be successful so that my children are also successful.

I'm from Inkster, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

I live with my two children. My daughter, age 14, is just starting high school this fall, and my son, age 5, is starting kindergarten. I am so happy that they are well-behaved children. When I meet with my daughter's teachers, for example, they always say how great she is. She does all of her work and is always well-behaved. We'll see this fall how well my son does! I have worked with him so that he is prepared for school.

I'm most proud of the fact that I didn't let the opinion of others stop me from getting an education. If I had listened to them, I would be no where. I am also very proud that I am single handedly raising two great children.

I'm happiest when I'm listening to music and reading books. I love to read. I am also happiest when I can spend time with my children.

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Validated by Valerie from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

We met when Skylee was in my GED class about 11 years ago. I was impressed with her because despite many negative factors in her life, she was determined to achieve her GED, which she did. It's very difficult to overcome family influence, but Skylee had the ability to think for herself. She later joined our Family Success Program and continues to be one of the families that I currently serve.

I think meeting this need is important because Skylee has been afraid to go to college and fail. Recently, we realized that if she can acquire solid computer skills, her self-confidence to take on the challenge of college will increase. I have arranged to have a volunteer tutor meet with her weekly to improve her basic computer skills and to make sure she is able to do more than the minimum so that she can be successful. However, from previous experience, I know that Skylee will only improve on the computer if she has one at home to work with.

Skylee is a wonderful mother to her two children. She has managed to raise exceptional kids by accessing outside support and resources. Again, she is able to see beyond the negative examples set by her own family, which is a rare talent. Also, Skylee wants her children's futures to be better than hers, and she knows she can do this by eventually obtaining a college degree. None of this has been easy, but Skylee is doing it.

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