Ms. Mac from Berkeley, CA

I’m homeless + returning to school. I need a computer and backpack to be a student.

I am studying psychology and hope to be a school counselor. First, I need to continue my studies, get work, and get out of the shelter.


My current situation is that I am living in a homeless shelter and am currently attending classes to get my degree in psychology. I would like to go into schools and be a counselor.

I need rolling leather backpack with a lot of pockets and mini notebook type laptop. Meeting this need will help me because the computer would help me with my studies and the backpack would help me to get around better.

My goal is to complete my degree in psychology, so I can move on to find a job and get employment. Which, will then help me move out of the shelter.

I'm from Philadelphia and I moved to Berkeley in 1990. I live in Berkeley, California, in a homeless shelter. Something interesting about me is that I am going to be a psychologist. I'm happiest when I am taking my school courses. I'm most proud of me going back to school to get my degree.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by LaDiamond from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by LaDiamond from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when she entered our Transitional Housing on May 25, 2013. I think meeting this need is important because Ms. Mac goes to school full-time and having a rolling backpack and laptop will benefit her greatly towards her schoolwork and help her carry her heavy books. She is a very nice person and recently she was suffering from cancer. She was going through Chemotherapy. Her cancer is in remission at the moment and she is doing well.

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My job title is Program and Case Management Assistant. My work involves helping homeless individuals and families enter our Transitional Housing Program through outreach. Once they enter our program, our Housing Case Managers, including myself, help the individual or family find affordable… Read more