Chaz from Chicago, IL

I am an adult learner & recent graduate; I need a certification exam to get work as a counselor

I finished my Associates' Degree in Certified Alcohol & Drug Counseling & need help with the exam fee to get CADC certification so I can get a job.


Chaz says: Dec 26, 2013

Thank you Benevolent Team and Benevolent Community! I am very excited and blessed to have received funding and I thank you so very much. The help I have gotten will allow me to begin living my goal and dream of becoming the very best Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor that I can possibly be.

Chaz's validator, Edna, sends her thanks: Dec 26, 2013

I am ecstatic that people are so generous, kind, and have donated to help Chaz take his CADC exam. While this will be the last step in his education, it will be the first in starting his new career and being independent.


I need funding to take a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling exam to receive my CADC certification.  This includes the CADC exam and the application fee. 

Meeting this need will help me because it will allow me to be marketable and become employed in the CADC field that I have gone to school for diligently for the past five years.  Taking the exam and getting a job will allow me to be independent and self-sufficient.

My goal is to be employed as a CADC, working as the best counselor I can possibly be with the male population.  Receiving funding assistance will allow me to sit for the CADC exam, pass, and get my certification.

My current situation is I am an unemployed student who is close to achieving my Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADC) certificate.  My funds are exhausted and I am in need of assistance in paying for the CADC exam costs.

I'm from Chicago and I live in low-income housing on the South Side.  Something interesting about me is that I am an older person who has returned to school.  I'm most proud of myself for graduating from Kennedy King in May of 2013 and I'm happiest when I pass my finals during school.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Chaz fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Edna from Inspiration Corporation

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Validated by Edna from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

We met when I began working for Inspiration Corporation.  I continue to meet and work with Chaz in between his schooling to discuss his progress.

I think meeting this need is important because Chaz has been dedicated to receiving his Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification for five years.  He has studied relentlessly and has a passion for giving back to the community.  Meeting this need will allow him to become certified in his area of study so that he may be employed and reach true self-sufficiency.

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