Eric from Chicago, IL

Housed & in college after homelessness! Just need household items to get settled.

After 9 yrs of homelessness, I'm now on a path for success! These items will enable me to be self-sufficient and allow me to focus on my goals.


My name is Eric and I've spent the last nine years experiencing homelessness due to mental illness. I have been with North Side Housing's Permanent Supportive Housing program since 2012 and recently began the fall semester at a Chicago City College after being out of school for 32 years. I recently signed a lease for an apartment and am excited about the safety and privacy that I will finally get to enjoy.

My goal is to become a social worker in order to help people who are in the position I was in. After I obtain an associate's degree at the City College, I plan to attend a 4-year college and obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. In the meantime, my immediate goal is to reunite with my children and siblings after being out of touch with them for eight years.

My new apartment is fully furnished but I need help with household items such as pots, pans, silverware, dishes, cleaning supplies, and a microwave oven. I'm unable to prepare my own food at this time because I lack the kitchenware. This means I spend more money on prepared foods which cost more. This takes away from resources I need to succeed in school.

Meeting this need will help me become more independent, stable, and able to focus more on my college studies. Your assistance would ensure that I can cook for myself, leaving resources for ongoing needs like personal hygiene items, textbooks needed for class and transit fare to get to school.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Margaret from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Validated by Margaret from North Side Housing and Supportive Services (What does this mean?)

Our staff has known Eric through the Supportive Housing Program at North Side Housing and Supportive Services where our Case Managers assisted Eric with the life skills needed to maintain housing. We've worked with Eric on obtaining housing, glasses, assisted him with enrollment of higher education and budgeting his income monthly. Eric has shown progress in working towards his goals and continues to set and complete them. Receiving your help would help him tremendously and bring dignity back into his life.

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I've worked at North Side Housing & Supportive Services for a year and a half, serving both as the Veterans' Housing Case Manager and currently as the Director of Outreach Services. I manage our Day Support Services Center where we provide crisis intervention for individual living on the streets or… Read more