Jason from Chicago, IL

I'm paying for college! I need a laptop to thrive in class and continue to brighten my horizons.

My goal is to finish school and be my mom's only child to graduate college! I'm paying my own way and I need a laptop to continue succeeding in class.


Jason says "Thank you, Donors!" May 7, 2014

I'd just like to thank all the donors and Benevolent for helping me get a laptop so that I can continue doing well in college! Meeting this need will definitely help me achieve my goals in my online courses that I am enrolled in for the summer and beyond. Thank you, this truly means a lot!


I'm in need of a laptop to continue my success in college. Meeting this need will help me because having a laptop will give me the opportunity to properly complete my assignments and move toward obtaining a college degree. In addition, a laptop will help me be successful in my online courses so that I can double major in business accountancy and administration and graduate on time. 

My goal is to finish school and become my mother’s only child and my grandmother's first grandson to successfully graduate from college. I'm working and I will not give up, but I still have to pay for college and other living expenses. I want to take advantage of all things educationally and not shift from library to library to finish my homework. I want to continue building on my education, and a laptop will brighten my horizons.

My current situation is that I am a second semester freshman in college and my previous laptop crashed and does not work anymore. I need a laptop to continue my success in college.

I'm from Chicago, but I am currently studying to be an accountant in downstate Illinois. I am a hard worker and a dedicated student. I care a lot about my education and I love to learn news things from different perspectives. This is the reason I am currently enrolled in a liberal arts college. I live with my mother who is a single parent.

I'm most proud of having an award named after me for my leadership skills, hard work, and dedication.

Something interesting about me is that I am a collegiate competitive squash player. I'm happiest when I am playing squash and hanging with friends and family.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Ty from Metrosquash (What does this mean?)

I met Jason when I joined METROsquash in October 2012 and Jason was a senior in high school working diligently on his college applications. Jason is a determined and hard working young man, and I was glad to assist him reach his goals of attending college.

I think meeting this need is important because Jason is hard at work during his freshman year of college, and having a working computer/laptop is extremely important to his success. Jason is interested in the business field, which requires coursework in accounting, business calculus and other subjects that demand extensive research and online work. Obtaining a computer can lessen Jason's stress and allow him to work in productive areas to complete assignments.

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