The Women's Project, Powered by The Fedcap Group

The Women's Project, Powered by The Fedcap Group

The Women’s Project helps women incarcerated at Rikers Island Prison secure release and offers support as these women reintegrate into home, work and community. From transportation assistance to support connecting to social services, accessing housing, food, training, jobs, healthcare and more, we smooth the transition from incarceration to independence.

The Women's Project is a partnership between The Fedcap Group, the Public Defender's Office, and the District Attorney's office in New York. You can donate to help one or more woman in this program or contribute to our Emergency Fund for the women in this program which helps us meet immediate and unpredicted needs that crop up post-incarceration.

We hope that these stories of perseverance from the women in our program will inspire and move you. Step into these stories by making a gift to help remove a critical roadblock on the path out of incarceration.

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The Women's Project Emergency Fund from New York, NY

Women's Project Emergency Fund

The Women's Project Emergency Fund enables us to meet the immediate and often unpredictable needs that women encounter post-incarceration. More

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Adriana from Bronx, NY

On my path toward stability. Need beds + a table for the kids while I look for work.

My sons are 2 and 5 years old. They need beds and we need a table for meals, homework and family time together. More

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Danielle from New York, NY

I'm a survivor of domestic violence. Need some basic household items for my kids.

Most of my possessions were destroyed by my abuser. Now that we have moved, basic household items will let me provide my kids with a comfortable home. More

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Need funded!

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Funded on 11/6/2018

Sarah from Brooklyn, NY

On my path toward stability. A winter coat will help me keep warm on the job!

I am going to be doing hard work outside for the next 6 months. I need a heavy winter work coat and winter clothes to keep warm. More

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