Andrea from Charlotte, NC

I'm working hard to stabilize my income & need to accept credit cards to increase sales

I'm a magazine vendor. Many customers don't carry cash, so I need a tablet, credit card reader, and internet hot spot to accept credit card payments.


I've been working for Speak Up Magazine as a vendor for the past few months, and I've really enjoyed it. I also do art at an artworks program in the community. I make money from selling my magazines and selling my artwork. Having a tablet with a hot spot connection and a credit card reader will help me because so many people do not carry cash on them. So, when they come up to me to buy my magazine, I have no way of accepting their card. If my need gets met, I will finally feel like I'm owning my own micro-business and be able to find stability by taking mobile payments.

I am currently living in subsidized housing in Charlotte. My rent is kept low, and I receive Social Security since I cannot find employment. I'm working hard to make a more stable way of living. This need being met would help me find the stability and income I need to get my own apartment and find employment. My goal is to become a singer and preacher. I hope to one day find a job at a church doing those two things since those are my two great passions in this world, and they are the two things I really feel like I am here to do. With a greater monthly income and more trust from people in the community, I can see all my dreams coming true!

I'm originally from Charlotte, NC. I'm a very creative person and a Christian. I'm happiest when I'm singing and working for Speak Up Magazine. I'm most proud of helping other homeless people around here and making my own gospel album. I have two sons who graduated from school and I'm very proud of them. Something most people don't know is that I've got a band, and I've made it through to the second round of auditions for Sunday Best and The Voice.

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Validated by Noah from Speak Up Magazine (What does this mean?)

We met when Andrea first came here my first week at Speak Up. Her personality is magnetic. I could tell right away that Andrea's a people person, and she has an amazing heart for God and the people around her.

I think meeting this need is important because Andrea is an amazing vendor. She really makes people feel comfortable and can make anyone laugh. This translates really well to her work here. However, she's constantly meeting people on the street who want to buy her product with debit and credit cards. She can only accept cash right now, and we have seen in the past that mobile payments can provide a very simple, effective boost to sales. Andrea has many dreams and ambitions.

A steady income stream will do wonders for her confidence and her ability to find a permanent apartment and job in a church.

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