Frankie from Caldwell, Idaho

I found housing for myself and my son! Need help with security deposit to move in.

I just need a little more to cover our first month's rent & deposit. I am grateful that we can now afford to live on our own again.


I am 32 years old, living with and supporting my 13 year old son. We currently live at my dad's house. I've worked as a cook and as a server for many years, and we were still living paycheck to paycheck. I knew I wanted more for our future. Working my way up into restaurant management has always been my dream. It was time for change. I recently applied, and I got the job!

My goals are to continue moving forward in my personal and professional growth. Most importantly, I want to be the example and show my son that with hard work & dedication and with the desire to succeed, we can overcome anything. Our next step is to secure us a place of our own. We have now been approved and can move in on the 20th of this month. But first, I need to cover first month's rent & deposit.

I just need a little more to cover our first month's rent & deposit. I am grateful that we can now afford to live on our own again. Although I have some money saved, we just need a little help to come up with the remainder of our move-in cost. I am leaving it in God's hands to help us make this happen.

Meeting this need will help me because we need a place of our own and I will finally be able to provide us not just a place for us to stay, but a real place that we can call home.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Dawn from Community Builder, Inc (What does this mean?)

I have known Frankie for over 3 years since he first started volunteering at The Community Builder with his son. He wanted to show his son the importance of helping others and being apart of the community. They both still continue to actively volunteer. I think meeting this need is important because Frankie has the skills and determination not only to provide a stable environment but to be a positive role model for his son. He is so close to securing housing of his own and just needs a little help with a security deposit to get in. I cant wait to be apart of making their house a home by providing them with needed household items through our Furnishing Hope program.

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I am the Exec. Director and part of a dedicated team of all volunteers at The Community Builder. My work involves providing support services to disadvantaged families, unsheltered homeless and unaccompanied youth who visit our resource center to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. We… Read more