Eric Bentschneider

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Funded on 11/25/2018

Marissa from Portsmouth, NH

I need help covering 1 exam fee to become a Certified Recovery Support Worker!

As the mother of children in recovery, I want to become a CRSW to help people and families navigate the recovery process. More

Validated by Heather from Granite Pathways

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Funded on 11/26/2018

Elizabeth from Eldoret, Kenya

I am determined to start my shop. Just need to cover start-up costs.

My goal is to sell clothes to support my family and pay my children’s school fees. Some start-up costs will help me launch my business! More

Validated by Debra from Beyond Fistula

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Funded on 11/23/2018

Frankie from Caldwell, Idaho

I found housing for myself and my son! Need help with security deposit to move in.

I just need a little more to cover our first month's rent & deposit. I am grateful that we can now afford to live on our own again. More

Validated by Dawn from Community Builder, Inc

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Funded on 1/14/2016

Lore from Chicago, IL

My son was diagnosed with Leukemia in Sept. He needs a chemical-free mattress to heal

Making our home clean, chemical-free and organic is critical to my son's ability to heal. I need to buy an chemical-free mattress and air purifier! More

Validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School

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Funded on 12/28/2014

Kela from Detroit, MI

Determined to be on the Dean's List in college. A computer will help me succeed!

I'm keeping my goals high, knowing I have the capacity to achieve them. A computer will help me carry out research, complete papers & study online. More

Validated by Kevin from Black Family Development

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Funded on 12/2/2014

Bonnie from Chicago, IL

Ready to work again! I need court fees to expunge my record.

My goal is to earn my own living. I need to expunge my record so that I'll be eligible for more employment opportunities. More

Validated by Priscilla from Renaissance Collaborative, Inc.

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Funded on 12/25/2014

Marcus from Detroit, MI

I'm a Marine veteran & father of 5. Beds will make sure my kids rest comfortably.

I pride myself on taking care of my children & making sure they have a stable home. I need help with beds to get my children and I off the floor. More

Validated by Chaunise from Wayne County-Detroit Disability Network

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