My job title is Family Advocate. I have been in this position since September 2001. My job involves helping families to find resources, child care, coming up with goals to move their family forward. I help them to be the advocate for their family.
What I like about my job is seeing the families I work with move forward. The company I work for strives to help the families to the best of our abilities. I am very honored to be a part of the great work our company does to help the people we work with.
Other positions I have held at my organization would be a teacher working with infants and toddlers at Teen Baby Nursery.
In the future, I would like our program to have more donated resources on hand for our families.
I myself was a teen parent and received lots of support from my family and community. I want to give back to the families that I work with to help and support them the best way I can.


Childcare Network of Evanston Childcare Network of Evanston
CNE collaborates with local early care and education programs, social services, advocates, and government to support families with young children, ages birth to five years. Approximately 90% of the children served by CNE are from low-income, single parent families living in poverty or just above… More

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Funded on 10/25/2012

Stacy from Evanston, IL

Supporting my mom and my 2 boys; need beds for my sons

Working as a waitress on a fixed income; need beds for my sons so they don't have to sleep on the floor anymore. More

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Norma from Evanston, IL

I'm a domestic abuse survivor and need a few items to make my kids and my house a home

Bunk beds with mattresses, dresser drawers, and an air conditioner will help my kids and me get a good night's rest More

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