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Homes for Black Children is dedicated to making sure that no child is without a permanent home


Eugene Eugene
My job title is Family Resiliency Program Supervisor. My work involves working to help families address their own issues through their internal family strengths and creating a Family Group Decision meeting for that purpose. What I like about my job is the direct assistance in supporting a families… More
Constance Constance
I am a Family Resiliency Coordinator. I have been working at Homes for Black Children for three years. My job is to strengthen families through addressing the challenges that they face while highlighting their strengths. What motivates me is seeing that people can be empowered and experience a… More

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Funded on 5/13/2014

Naomi from Detroit, MI

Rebuilding after losing my job & home. Beds for my girls would lift a great burden.

Two twin size beds/bunk beds, covers and sheets will allow my girls to rest at night so they can continue to function and excel in school. More

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Funded on 1/5/2015

Pumpkin from Detroit, MI

Fled neighborhood violence to keep my kids safe. Beds will ensure they feel secure.

I want to keep my family safe & be a strong role model for my kids. Beds will allow them to get rest so they can be productive this school year. More

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Funded on 1/15/2015

Peaches from Detroit, MI

I'm a single mom in need of beds for my children to excel!

I'm committed to rebuilding my career and these beds will get my kids off the floor and give me peace of mind! We're ready to move forward. More

Validated by Constance from Homes for Black Children

Homes for Black Children

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