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My job title is a NYC Probation officer. I started working here back in 2017 coming from working with the homeless population. I really like and enjoy helping people. Part of my Job here at probation is to help lowering the recidivate rate and help clients not going through the prison pipeline by showing them other alternatives and resources. I am motivated by waking up every morning to see my 3 children's grow up to be as someone that will make a difference in society.


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The New York City Department of Probation helps build stronger and safer communities by working with and supervising people on probation, fostering positive change in their decision-making and behavior, and expanding opportunities for them to move out of the criminal and juvenile justice systems… More

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Michael from Brooklyn, New York

I'm disabled & have been homeless. I need metro fare to attend my probation program.

I'm cut off of SSD benefits & living with my father who's facing eviction. I need some clothes & a metro card so I can attend my program consistently. More

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