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Funded on 4/15/2015

Anthony from Chicago, IL

Just moved into permanent housing! I need household items like bedding & a microwave.

I was homeless and now volunteer working to eradicate homelessness in Chicago. Now that I'm housed myself I need a few basics for my home. More

Validated by Olivia from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 3/15/2015

Kelly from Chicago, IL

Working to make ends meet for me & my child. I need protective welding gear.

I've overcome a lot in my life & I'm looking forward to my welding career. I can't afford the required gear, but once I get it, I'll be able to work. More

Validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 3/1/2015

Mickie from Chicago, IL

Preparing to start my new welding career. I need boots and protective gear.

I wasn't sure women could be welders, but then I found JARC's program! I'm excited that I've found my career. All I need is gear to get started. More

Validated by Jessica from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 2/12/2015

Greg from Chicago, IL

I'm a single father learning the welding trade. I need equiment for my job search

Providing for my kids' needs is the #1 priority in my life. So I need a skilled job to provide for them. Welding gear will get me that job. More

Validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 5/7/2014

Tyrone from Chicago, IL

I've overcome so much! I need a proper uniform to take my job to the next level.

I need a full working tuxedo in order to work more catering events. Getting this uniform is the only thing standing between me and more work! More

Validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 5/11/2014

Faith from Inkster, MI

I'm a grandma with limited income. I need new beds for grandkids who outgrew theirs

I have custody of my three grandchildren. Beds would allow them to rest better at night since they have outgrown their current beds. More

Validated by Melissa from Starfish Family Services

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Funded on 2/12/2015

Beverly from Chicago, IL

My daughter and I are in a new apartment. We need furnishings to make it a home.

We were homeless & living with family, but now we're in a home of our own. We have nothing, so we need items like kitchenware, lamps, and bedding. More

Validated by Laurel from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 2/9/2015

Kawthar from San Diego, CA

Rebuilding my life after torture. With a laptop, I can take classes & start my career

I sought asylum in the US after being persecuted as a journalist in my home country. A laptop will open doors for me as I build my new life. More

Validated by Tammy from Survivors of Torture, International

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